Here we go again!

Ok, so I started writing this blog for two main reasons: 1. To chronicle my journey to fulfill my dreams. 2. To help and inspire other who may be on a similar journey and who can learn from my experiences (good and bad). What I didn’t realize is that I would also inspire myself. One of the great things about writing/journaling/blogging is that you really get to lay out your thoughts. After I’ve done that and I read over what I wrote, I tend to see things I never thought. For instance, I didn’t realize that I felt a particular way about certain things, or that I was harboring certain emotions or even remember some of the things I went through. While reading over a certain post, it suddenly hit me just how many unfinished projects I have just sitting around and I actually became a little depressed and annoyed with myself. Then something else hit me…my story isn’t over. There’s no reason why those projects have to stay unfinished! Hence the title of this blog…Here we go again!!

Since my last blog post I have done an update pilot of one of my old shows (Break it down), carried my book (The Coop Clan – Term 1) to a book store who could possibly carry it,  dug out one of my puppets from the treasure chest (So far the puppet is just out and looking at me) and started working on the children’s pantomime for next year. So I’m pretty much back at the point where I’ve started the creative process and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed because of the dreaded ‘next step’ phase. BUT, I have learned my lessons and learned them well. So it should be a little easier this time around. Here’s the update.

‘Break it down’ is currently being edited and a package being prepared to send to companies for potential sponsorship. The book store loves the book and is willing to carry it. The puppet is still just sitting and looking at me (maybe its not time for it just yet). The script for next years pantomime is coming along slowly but surely (I’d forgotten that it is super time consuming). So things are going pretty well thus far and since I’ve learned the lesson, next week is chock full of meetings with various people who are great at the next step part. But of course I’ve bucked up on the age old problem of money!!!!!

You pretty much need money for everything you’re doing including paying the people who are great at the next step phase. So far I don’t have the money to do that but I’m confident it will come together (I’ll let you know when it does) but a good friend of mine directed me to these crowd funding sites and I want to share the link with you. It’s something that I’m considering using for some of my projects and you might be able to as well. Whereas it is best for any project or business idea to become self-sufficient and not have to depend on charity, a fat donation  is a great start. Check out this article.

I’ll leave it at that for this blog since I just gave you extra reading to do but let me at least say this. Some of you have ideas/dreams/goals that you’ve just been sitting on. Don’t let them go to waste and it is not too late to start working on them. Even if you’ve faced obstacles with them before, brush yourself off and try again. That’s what I’m doing and as Thomas Edison said “I haven’t failed. I’ve just learned 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Eventually, you’ll find the one that does, so don’t give up, just join me in saying “Here we go again!!!!”


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Don’t give up…seriously.

Earlier this year I achieved one of my dreams, staging a very successful children’s Pantomime “The G.E.M.”. G.E.M. stands for ‘Greatness Exists in Me’ and I really wanted to use the production to help children realize that they have a purpose, they’re special, that greatness is in them and that they can make a difference in the world. That was all great and the kids got the message but I have to be honest, the process was anything but great and one of the major lessons I learned was ‘Don’t give up’.

The budget for the pantomime was $12 million Jamaican dollars. That’s nearly US$140,000 (Yes, remember my whole thing about how I dream super big!). We sent out sponsorship letters, really canvassed all the businesses and by the time opening night arrived, we had accumulated a whopping….wait for it…$1.5 million. Yep, we were super far from our target and that was really demotivating. It would have been easy to give up and decide to cancel the project, (and sometimes I felt like doing exactly that) but when you believe in your dream, you can’t afford to make anything stop you.

There were several times that I felt like giving up, but each time, one small thing would happen that would encourage me to keep going. For instance, we had many problems finding a venue for the audition and rehearsals. Just when I was sure it wouldn’t work, we got a break and a school said we could use their facilities. Also, the children had 3 months of rehearsals before we opened. I had them rehearsing for 2 months before we even had a venue for production. And that is how it kept happening. Even though we were so far from our target, that tenacity kept paying off and we found ways to make it work.

I believe that when you have a passion for your dream or goal, it is easier for people to buy into it. Your excitement excites them. The biggest sections of our budget were light and sound and then theatre rental. Without sponsorship there was no way that we’d be able to pay for them. We didn’t have the money, but what we did have was passion. We got the light and sound people as well as the theatre owners so excited about the project that they really wanted to be a part of it. They ended up giving us a discount and even though we still had a lot to pay, it was more manageable and that concession gave us the hope to keep working.

I could give you tons of examples of various setbacks that occurred but I would still keep coming back to the bottom line – DON’T GIVE UP. You will have obstacles – its a part of life but you’ve been given your dream for a reason. This is when you have to get creative. Remember that quote ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. It applies here!!! There is ALWAYS a (legal) way to get things done. Sometimes when we get frustrated, things get cloudy, our vision gets blurred and we become problem oriented rather than solution oriented. Stop it!! Don’t let the frustration prevent you from seeing all your options. Focus on what you do have, not on what you don’t have. Make what you have work for you and find ways to build on it. Never lose that inner drive. Keep the dream before you and DON’T GIVE UP!!! You can do it!!!!

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“Keep your heart open to…

“Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there’s a dream, there is hope, and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living.” Anonymous

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I am a great st…

I am a great starter!! Those of you that are creative understand those moments when a new idea is birthed. The way it works for me is that the basic idea pops into my head, I decide its a great idea and immediately my mind begins to run wild with all the possibilities. I throw myself wholeheartedly into conceptualising, planning and actually going ahead and doing everything I can so that I can see something in front of me. I absolutely love that process. Its exciting and I’m super motivated and enjoy the fast pace of being busy and stressed. When I see that final product in front of me…sigh, there’s nothing like it. What you have to understand is that all that – the creative part – that’s easy for me, it is part of my strength. This is one of the key factors you need to understand when you’re chasing a dream – KNOW YOUR ROLE.

The saying ‘No man is an island’ stands true when you’re chasing a dream. No matter how big or how small the goal, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to do it by yourself. We all need people to help us along the way and once you figure out what your role is in the process, then you can begin to find other people to help move the process further. Roping in other people doesn’t make the dream any less yours, it just means that you’re smart enough to realize you need a little help. It took me a while to learn that, hence the following:

  • Book for teenage girls – Coop Clan – Term 1 by Kerine Miller. Written, self-published, posted on Amazon. All that I did by MYSELF. Now its time to market and spread the word and really do the hard work. Status – Box of books piled in corner of living room. 
  • TV series for kids – WKC – pilot episode written, songs written and recorded, puppets bought. All that I organized by MYSELF. Now its time to shoot pilot, seek sponsors, really start getting the show out there. Status – pilot script, music cd and puppets locked in a chest.
  • TV series for adults – Break it down – Pilot episode written, talent sourced, graphics created and purchased, pilot episode shot. Now its time to seek sponsors, organize airtime etc. I organized all that by MYSELF. Status – locked in the chest with the children’s series.
  • Teenbook 2 – A ‘how to’ guide for teenage girls. GREAT book. Didn’t have a title but spent the time and wrote the book. I did that by MYSELF. Now its time to print and make the contact to get it out there. Status – yep you guessed it – in the chest.

I could go on but I think you get the point. I’m great at being creative, its easy for me to do that part. But once it gets to the other areas I get confused, overwhelmed, start freaking out and my motivation for the project begins to diminish. Why? Because I’m lazy? No. Because quitting is in my nature? Nope, that’s not it either. This has been going on for years and suddenly last year, I understood my role. I’m a creator and innovator. Unfortunately, that alone doesn’t accomplish a dream. Here was the game changer. In 2008 I created and wrote a children’s pantomime. I spent weeks working on it but thats as far as I got. As with everything else, it made its way into my ‘treasure chest’. Last year my day job (co-hosting a television morning show) ended and suddenly I had lots of free time. I started thinking about the pantomime and got excited about it AGAIN but once I had dug it up and dusted it off I had no idea what to do next. Then came the AHA Moment (Thanks Oprah), I decided to get some help. I recruited a bunch of people who worked in different areas (performance, production, marketing, set design, costuming, music production etc) and created a first class team of people who all saw the vision and believed in the project. They were able to do all the things that I could not do on my own. One of the great things was also that my job as a creator was not done. I had to get involved in all the various elements and was still able to use my creative side. What resulted was a full length children’s pantomime that opened to rave reviews!! I was actually able to see my dream come to fruition and realizing what my role was and finding people to help me in the other areas was the first step!

I know it seems like a ‘DUH’ thing, but so many of us don’t realize that we don’t have to do everything ourselves. if God has given you an idea, he’ll always provide people who are ready and willing to help you make it come true. You just have to understand the part you’re to play and then find the other people – it is worth it!!

By the way, the journey to success on producing the pantomime was by no means easy, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever encountered so many obstacles in my life but I’ll fill you in on all that happened and keep you posted as I prepare to produce another pantomime next year. You’ll also be able to be there as I try to complete some of the other dreams currently locked in my treasure chest – never mind all the new ones that I’m adding every day (I can’t help it, the ideas just keep on coming!!) In the meantime, keep working on your own dreams. You have them for a reason. Figure out your role and keep me posted on the progress!

Nuff love,



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“Each of us has a fire i…

“Each of us has a fire in our heart for something…Find it and keep it lit.”
Mary Lou Retton

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Taking a step!


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Hello Dreamers!!

Hey y’all!!

I decided to write this blog because I realized the importance of documenting a dream and as it has become clear to me that I’ll be on this lifelong journey for the rest of my life, I reckoned it would be a good idea to start documenting it from now.

I’ve always been somewhat of a dreamer. By that I mean I’m super creative and from a young age I was always coming up with different ideas and making big plans for some project or other. The problem was that I always had more plans than any one person could practically do all at once. Not to mention that I epitomize the saying “If you’re gonna dream, dream big”. That’s me 🙂 All my dreams are BIG. Huge in fact! No starting small for me, no sirreee!! I guess that’s the reason that I’ve started and stopped so many projects. Not that they couldn’t work – I still maintain that all my plans were (and are) great ideas. The problem was just that I wasn’t going about accomplishing them the right way…until now.

You see, its been my experience that there is nothing wrong with having dreams or dreaming big! In fact, the ability to imagine, create and bring these thoughts to life, is one of the greatest motivating factors that a person can have in life. You just have to figure out how to make it work and you can’t be afraid to fail. I know, I know. Who am I to tell you how to feel, so let me clarify. I understand the fear of failure, but don’t let it stop you from trying. You just have to realize that failure at some part of the journey is natural. Think about it. When you were a baby and just learning to walk, did you just stand up and walk across the room the very first time you tried? Nope! Unless you’re some type of superhero, chances are you fell tons of times. Did that make you a failure? Did that stop you from getting up and trying to walk again? Even if you fell a few times, bruised your bum, skinned your knees or busted your head open (yes, personal experience), you still got up and tried again until eventually you got the hang of it. My guess is that at this stage of your life, you’re a great walker (wink – thumbs up!). My point is that failure is a part of the game. Learn from it and figure out how to use it to move forward (even if the only lesson is ‘what NOT to do’).

What makes me such an expert on following dreams? Absolutely nothing. It just that I’m on the same type of journey as many of you – a journey to fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals. I may be a little further ahead than some and maybe a few people can learn from my experiences, that includes my mistakes. I’m still learning everyday, still procrastinating, still not being realistic, still not doing everything that would make living your dream easy. But I’ve also fulfilled some of my dreams. Some big, some small – but everyday I’m working on fulfilling another dream, reaching another goal. So I want to share my journey with you – a complete expose of how my journey is going. Feel free to laugh with (or at) me, cry with me, celebrate with me and be upset/frustrated on my behalf. I don’t promise you that my blog is always going to be lighthearted or fun, but it sure as hell is going to be real. So feel free to weigh in and let me know what you think. I want to hear your comments and stories, get your suggestions and even your admonishments where necessary. Maybe we can learn from each other…but one thing I know for certain is that we all have dreams (aspirations) and we all have a deep rooted desire to fulfill them. This blog is how I’m doing it.

In my next post I’ll update you on some of my great ideas that didn’t happen and why as well as my most recent success story. Until then “Live, laugh, love and DREAM” (yes I stole it. LOL.)



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